1. To Plan the ways and means to implement various activities to achieve the Aims & Objectives at the national level.
2. To plan and implement activities (only with prior approval of the National Governing Body of IHRC India) that are not listed in the aims & objects of IHRC India.
3. To enroll new primary members from time to time according to the guidelines and directions laid down by the IHRC India with due approval of the Governing Body.
4. To generate income from various sources such as.

  • Donations
  • Publications
  • Memberships
  • Subscriptions
  • Other Sources

5. The units should send a bi-monthly report to the president.

  • Various activities are undertaken in the last 1 month.
  • Funds are generated from various sources.
  • Profile of future activities.
6. The unit has to work whole-heartily to increase the membership of IHRC INDIA & organize various activities to achieve the aims & objectives of the IHRC INDIA.
7. The unit shall get the membership form filled by new proposed members & send it to the National Governing Body for its approval along with his/her bio-data with photograph & residential proof.
8. Membership forms are solely printed & distributed by the National Governing Body.
9. Unit shall send reports to the National Governing Body about any social & legal problems faced by local people.